Sunday, April 1, 2018

10 of My Favorite Bookstagram Accounts


Are you on Instagram? If not, you are missing out ... especially when it comes to the world of books and reading. I love what a wonderful place Instragram has become for those of us who love all things book and reading! I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite bookstagram accounts - the accounts that I follow closely and have come to rely on for great bookish content.

@annebogel and @whatshouldireadnext

Anne Bogel (also known as Modern Mrs. Darcy which is the name of her popular blog) is the host of the What Should I Read Next podcast which is one of my favorite books and reading podcasts. Anne's content is fantastic! She explores so many aspects of the reading life and I'm always excited to see a new post in my feed! She also wrote a really good book (Reading People) and has another book coming this fall titled I'd Rather Be Reading which I've already pre-ordered!


I adore Leigh's account because she has a great mix of two of my favorite things - books and personality (particularly the Enneagram). I've learned so much about both from her account (and her blog). I love seeing what she has to share about her reading life. I find her tastes to be quite similar to mine and she reads a good mix of genres including romance and young adult which I love! I find myself adding books to my TBR on a regular basis as a direct result of following Leigh on Instagram!


Annie is the owner of The Bookshelf which is an independent bookstore in Georgia (which I'm dying to visit one day). She also runs a podcast, From the Front Porch, which I regularly listen to and recommend! Her feed is full of great content around books and reading ... she has great recommendations and I love her reviews! I find myself adding a ton of books to my TBR from her reviews more and more! I also love getting the occasional glimpses into the owning and running of a bookstore ... as a wannabe bookstore owner she gives me such inspiration!


Kate Olsen is a fairly new to me but she has quicly become one of my favorites! She is a K12 librarian as well as an avid reader and reviewer. I was looking at my list of books to read in my book bullet journal and it's amazing how many new books that this instagram account has introduced to me! If you love learning about new books, you can't go wrong with Kate's account!


Kelly Jensen may be familar to you if you frequent Book Riot (and if you aren't frequenting Book Riot, you need to) but if she isn't, then you definitely want to check her out. Her Instagram account is fantastic - you'll find a lot of different things including books, yoga, bunnies and cats!  I always look forward to seeing what Kelly has shared since I was on the app last. She's smart and interesting ... and I learn about a lot of different books through her account.


Madeline's account is pretty new to me but I've become a huge fan of her account! She is a teacher and a blogger (her blog is fantastic). She offers fantastic content - diverse, interesting and compelling reading choices. Her photographs are beautiful! This is another account that will fill your TBR fast! She is also the founder of the Diverse Book Club which I'm LOVING! Each month, the group reads along a theme that helps them explore a diverse set of books. Recent themes have included women in science, chronic illness, adoption/foster care, and LGBTQ+ Pride. I am always trying to increase diversity in my own reading so I love being a part of the group.


I began following Whitney earlier this year when I heard about the #theunreadshelfproject which she is leading. Her account is full of great book recommendations but what I really love is how much I find her content inspiring to me as I try to read more of the books I already own instead of always reading only new releases. If you want to read more of the books you already own, you will love the tips, tricks and inspiration she provides to that purpose.


I've been following Amanda for ages ... I found her via Book Riot where she is the Executive Editor. I love her Instagram account for a lot of reasons beyond the amazing book content - she has twin boys (I have twins), she lives in Richmond (I live in Richmond), and we align politically. Our reading tastes often converge and she often introduces me to books I don't know if I'd hear about otherwise. I love how honest and bold she is each and every day. She inspires me on a regular basis!


Words Between Worlds is the account for a book club that I am so enjoying. The account is fantastic at introducing me to good reads and other bookstagrammers. It's a fairly new group and they've read two books, both of which are sitting on my bedside table! They describe their book club as being "for anyone interested in expanding their diverse reading, sharing intimate stories and experiences of their own diversity, and welcoming new friends." I highly recommend this one!


Kate is the CUTEST! I love her account ... I learn about so many books. But, even better, I just think she's adorable and funny. I love following her account, seeing what she's reading, what she's doing. She just makes me happy! And books just jump onto my TBR  every time I look at her posts! She has great taste in books and her account always delivers great content and inspiration!

OK, I hope that I've been able to introduce you to a few new Bookstagram accounts. I highly recommend all of them ... you will not be sorry if you check them out!

If you're interested in connecting with me on Instagram, I'd love that ... you can find me @anrobe. What is your Instagram handle?

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