Monday, June 18, 2012

Review: The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

The Weird SistersThe Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I quite liked this novel but I wasn't as wow'd by it as I'd hoped. It had so many fantastic elements but it just never captured my attention the way I'd hoped it would. Although I appreciate Shakespeare, I'm not a HUGE fan so that component of the book, while clever, wasn't particularly compelling to me, in and of itself.

The first-person-plural narration was was new to me - I think it was the first time I'd read something with that type of narration. It took awhile to get used to but in the end I think it added something interesting to the book & really fit into the focus on the relationships within this group of sisters. I thought the three sisters were very well written and I enjoyed getting to know them throughout the novel.

I think my primary issues with this novel were in the pacing and in the fact that I thought the overall story was fairly predictable. The story didn't really bring anything new ... it didn't take long for me to see where all of the pieces and parts were going to fall. So, it was disappointing to be right about that. And the pacing ... I can't really get my head around exactly what it was about the pacing that bothered me except to say that it did.

Overall, I did like this one but it wasn't as wonderful as I'd hoped. I hope we see more from Eleanor Brown in the future ... based on this novel, I suspect we'll see more and more wonderful work in her future!

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