Thursday, February 4, 2010

Review: The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews

The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews
My rating: 4 stars

It's not great literature by any means but I really enjoyed this new book by Mary Kay Andrews. I enjoy her novels and find them fun, refreshing, easy reads! I listened to the audiobook for this one and really enjoyed the narrator. She did a fantastic job with the audio. Again, its a bit fluffy but very fun! I adored Dempsey and found myself relating to her quite a bit. Very cute little book with an engaging story. The read is worth it just to meet Ella Kate - one of my favorite Southern characters in awhile! She reminds me quite a bit of a few of my own southern relatives!

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  1. Sounds fun! I have a few of her books on my shelf but haven't read them yet. I am glad you mentioned the narrator - they are so critical for an audiobook.