Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: The Lake House by Kate Morton

The Lake HouseThe Lake House by Kate Morton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This may be my new favorite Kate Morton novel. It was such a compelling read! I think that she did a great job interweaving the story from the past with the story from the present.

Many of Morton's novels seem to be of a similar type (and this is no exception) - something tragic happens in the past and then it's somehow brought to the present and the stories come together into one. There is often an old home that the story centers around. She ticks all of those boxes with this novel. I can understand some of the reviews I've read that didn't like the fact that Morton's books all seem to follow a formula. There are enough similarities in the books that I've read of hers to see that there is some truth there. But, for me, I enjoyed this one quite a bit. Partly that was because I enjoyed the characters in this one so much. The formula didn't get in the way of my enjoyment of the story because I was so intrigued by the specifics of this particular story. One of the characters is a novelist and I found it so fascinating to jump into her world for a bit!

As all her novels have been, I found this one to be really well plotted with lots of intrigue! Kate Morton is a master at using family secrets to create a multi-faceted story that keeps you on your toes! I definitely recommend this particular novel which I think is one of her best!

NOTE: Received e-galley from the publisher for an honest review.

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