Friday, July 1, 2011

Review: Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

Winter GardenWinter Garden by Kristin Hannah

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You can always rely on Kristin Hannah offering up a good, solid story that packs an emotional punch. This novel is no exception. Although I think the novel started slowly (it could have moved a bit faster), I think that it redeems itself by picking up and not letting go until the end. Hannah really knows how to build character, write a good story line and bring it all together in a way that is fantastic! Her books resemble those of Diane Chamberlain and Jodi Picoult. She is an outstanding storyteller.

This particular story is quite good. The characters were well written and the twists and turns were believable and effective. I took one star away for the fact that the beginning was slow but other than that, I can't find any major fault with this novel. It's a solid good read. This novel is a great representation of the work of Kristin Hannah. I definitely recommend that you give her novels a chance!

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