Thursday, August 25, 2016

Review: Playing Fast by Melanie Scott

Playing Fast (New York Saints, #5)Playing Fast by Melanie Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I just adore this series! I think they are so much fun! I love the way that Melanie Scott builds a story and how she creates interesting and complex characters! I'm not even a big baseball fan and yet this series is fantastic!

I really liked this newest book as it focused on the farm team of the New York Saints which was a interesting twist. It gave us a new place and organization to learn about. I was interesting to see what she'd do with the Finn Castro character given his actions in the 4th book. I really found myself liking him a lot more than I'd expected and his love interest, Eva, was fantastic! I found their relationship quite interesting! I think their stories were really done well and I was appreciative of how it wasn't particularly saccharine but it was still sweet.

I think this was a good addition to the series. And I can't wait to see what comes next with the series ... If you're just starting with the series, I recommend starting with the first! It's a really good series that I highly recommend for romance fans who like good writing and strong characters!

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