Monday, December 24, 2012

Review: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

WonderWonder by R.J. Palacio
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

EVERYONE should read this book. Seriously. It should be mandatory reading for all humankind.

This is a book about being different, about accepting others and about the being KIND. We could use a little more tolerance, a little more kindness and this novel definitely demonstrates that beautifully.

This novel is about a boy with a severe facial anomaly who is mainstreaming into regular school. It's about what he faces as he tries to assimilate. It's about his family, his friends, his life. It's a special book.

Definitely check out hte author's website which has great info on how she came to write this book, etc. As I was reading her website, something she said there really resonated and simply sums up, for me the impact of this book so I thought I'd share it below -

I hope that readers will come away with the idea that they are noticed: their actions are noted. Maybe not immediately or directly or even in a way that seems obvious, but if they’re mean, someone suffers. If they’re kind, someone benefits. And the choice is theirs: whether to be noticed for being kind or for being mean. They get to choose who they want to be in this world. And it’s not their friends and not their parents who make those choices: it’s them.

I love how this book is told in alternate voices - each of which offer a unique and honest view of the world created by R.J. Palacio. I found that to be refreshing (and effective). There is a realness in this book that I just couldn't get over. The voices felt authentic. The characters felt real. R.J. Palacio truly did an amazing job with this book!

I can't say enough about how wonderful this book is. It's not a long book but it is literally one of the most important books that I've read. I was so taken with this boy, this family, these people! I think there is something for everyone in this novel. Don't miss it! It's that good! And my own children will definitely be reading this one when they are a little older! The message of this book is one that I definitely want them to learn!

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